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HOTA stands for Hotel Workers of America. As you can see by our club emblem, the HOTA logo is the same as worn by 20 additional HOTA clubs throughout the world, particularly in Europe and South America.

The New York-Hota Bavarian SC is an international organization representing a joint sportive effort. The organization's hands have always reached across borders snd across oceans with the motto of "Good Will" among all people. Players who have worn the club's uniforms in years past and present have come from as many as 30 countries all over the world. 

The oldest of our "family" club was S.C. New York, Inc. founded in 1922, which in later years absorbed the Wiener S.C. within its ranks. Until the merger with HOTA, the club was located in Throggs Neck, Bronx. They had not only a soccer and tennis club but track and field, boxing, rowing, bowling as well. During this period, the creation of a junior division for soccer was established in the Club.

Club Philosophy

To develop, enhance, and promote the skills and abilities of talented young soccer players through the provision of quality training by a squad of top quality coaches. In addition to developing individual skills emphasis is also placed on teamwork, sportsmanship, respect for others, and loyalty to the club and its members.