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  • Player Development

    Player Development

    NY HOTA focuses on player development and creating a sound foundation of technical soccer skills.
  • Sportsmanship


    NY HOTA emphasizes fair play, sportsmanship and respect for players, coaches and referees.
  • Competition


    NY HOTA encourages play at a competitive level.
  • Enjoy the game

    Enjoy the game

    NY HOTA believes successful players are developed when they are having fun. Coaches focus on technical development in a fun and constructive environment.


HOTA stands for Hotel Workers of America. The HOTA logo is the same one worn by 20 additional HOTA clubs throughout the world, particularly in Europe and South America.

The New York HOTA Bavarian SC is an international organization representing a joint sporting effort. The organization's hands have always reached across borders and across oceans with the motto of "Good Will" among all people.   See more...




NY HOTA Holding Open Practices

All NY HOTA teams will be holding open practices in May and June. If you are interested in attending a practice and learning more about what HOTA offers, please contact the appropriate coach on the Teams page.             


NY HOTA Builds New Grass Field

HOTA has completed the construction of a new grass field and games are now being played on it. While many clubs on Long Island are moving to turf fields, HOTA made a decision to stick with grass as it provides the best and safest playing surface. The design of the new grass field provides HOTA with a second high quality soccer pitch and continues to make HOTA one of the most attractive locations for soccer on Long Island.

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